1. rwestpga
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  3. Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Hi - i just upgraded to version 8.3 for a website because Instagram was not working.

Now, YouTube is not working: https://www.nonstopbella.com/

Can you please let me know what this would break?

This is the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O2xEKcY_Il5LBGLGkGh4g

I currently have these settings:
API: AIzaSyC08dh0ikvl_FgIBRk8byt4WzvTYMAn
Channel: UC8O2xEKcY_Il5LBGLGkGh4g

Do you think i need to create a NEW API or something?

Do you have a channel and api i can use to TEST with (like you have for NASA)?

Please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help!
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