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  3. Saturday, 04 February 2017
Hello guys! We purchased social slider yesterday and installed it on our website http://www.inthessaloniki.com. From the very first moment we got some issues like the following.

Facebook tab is not working on the main page and some other menu pages, but works perfeclty on the rest. We checked the module assigment etc but it seems ok.

For example it is not working here: http://www.inthessaloniki.com

while it works perfect here: http://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/food/by-area/ladadika

Most importantly Zh Google Maps are not working as well right after the social slider module and extension were enabled. The maps are not loading at all.

We thought it might be some kind of conflict because of some script (?) so we tried J Query easy: https://jsns.eu/knowledge-base/how-to-resolve-jquery-conflicts following the instructions step by step with out any success.

Pinterest reports "API method not found" but i guess this has sth to do with getting an API.

Any ideas are welcomed!! Thank you for your time and efforts!!
Panos C. :)
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