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  3. Wednesday, 15 August 2018
HI mate, sorry but yet again i cannot get your plugins or modules to work on any of my sites. I have tried everything, JQuery, the lot. Even had a developer look at it and he says you have so many conflicting issues with Jquery it's causing major issues. He agrees your stuff is great, when it works, and we also understand JQuery is a pain in the ass but mate i really am struggling with this.

Is there ANY way you can give me a full breakdown of what i need to do, i have followed the JQuery Easy guide, i have tried it all but i get NOTHING, Messenger widget worked on old version, new one, nothing.

I desperately need these working but i just can't make your releases work???? It's driving me mad.

No disrespect meant but i can use other plugins and they work no problem, same type of plugins too, but yours just won't work no matter what i do and i want to use yours more than anything else because i really like them.

Kindest regards,