1. BaliPCrooks
  2. 24/7 VIP Members Support
  3. Friday, 13 January 2017
I subscribed last Friday to the lifetime offer for the extensions bundle and I just have had the time to look at it more closely and I have two questions :
- In the zip file I can download on the site in the "my downloads" of my account, there are only 6 extensions (facebook wall, social tabs, social gallery, cookie alert, social share, facebook popup, liketodownload). How can I download the other ones (for example, pricing table or content locker or the other ones) ?
- I installed the version in the zip file as I had seen that there was a version 6.5 since mid-december, but the version in the zip file was only a 5.0 (for which the automatic update in joomla doesn't work). How can I get the correct versions for all the extensions ?

Thanks !

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