1. yeoryios
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  3. Thursday, 25 October 2018
we have purchased the JS Social Tabs Slider module (version 8.4.1) for our website (information in the Site details panel below). Previously to the purchase we used the free edition and all worked fine. With the purchased edition the module:

  1. Does open and show the tabs in the front page, going to any other page it does not (in the Console i get many error saying: TypeError: n.easing[this.easing] is not a function ). Regarding the error message we followed the instructions at https://jsns.eu/knowledge-base/how-to-resolve-jquery-conflicts . The problem was not fixed, in addition the slideshow in the front page stopped working. Clearly some jquery mix-up
  2. We have enabled the custom tab option. The custom tab shows but the icon on the tab does not. If we set any icon value except from the \f2ab the icon does show but it breaks the fonts of the whole site

Please help to sort it out.

Thanks for your help