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  4. Tuesday, 27 June 2017
I have an old download of the Social Slider from May 2015 that I'm looking to update. You can see it currently on my website http://www.AltruisticApothecary.com

A lot of the social content is no longer working / displaying (Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest) - I'm assuming because this is a dated version that I'm currently running. I'm in midst of a web overhaul / update and want to update my slider as well.

I originally ordered from the site: facebooklikebox.net and paid via PayPal using a different e-mail address than the one attached to this new account I just created on this website.

How would I go about updating a previous download?
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You can just make a new order on account you have created. There is no difference in the price.

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I just purchased a new packet as you suggested. I'm now having issues with the Instagram tab populating. I'm getting the error "An error occurred. See console for the details."

I've also followed all directions posted here: https://jsns.eu/knowledge-base/documentations/js-social-slider

For properly adding the social user names to the backend.

You can see how the tabs are working on my website here: http://www.AltruisticApothecary.com
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Can you tell me which version of the module are you using? Also I must have temporary access to the website where the module will be visible.

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