1. leszekwiatrowski
  2. 24/7 VIP Members Support
  3. Thursday, 29 November 2018
Good morning, I installed JS Facebook Slider and there is a problem. I do not see my fb page in the add-on and throw an error on the page.
Warning: SimpleXMLElement::xpath(): Invalid predicate in /nowa/libraries/src/Form/Form.php on line 1645
Warning: SimpleXMLElement::xpath(): xmlXPathEval: evaluation failed in /nowa/libraries/src/Form/Form.php on line 1645

The content of line 1645 from this file is:
// Get an array of fields with the correct name.
$fields = $this->xml->xpath('//field[@name="' . $name . '" and not(ancestor::field/form/*)]');

Please help,