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I tried to edit an existing language to language.js but not working.
I tried to add a language and added it to xml file too but again not working.

If i use the predefined languages it works normally

Should i do something else?
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I'm glad everything works properly :)
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Please send me translate of those words and I will add new translation:

"Location": "",
"Login to Facebook to Like and Comment": "",
"Events": "",
"Event Tickets": "",
"Photos": "",
"photos in": "",
"Albums": "",
"Likes": "",
"Like": "",
"Unlike": "",
"like this": "",
"You and": "",
"Comment": "",
"View more comments": "",
"Write a comment": "",
"of": "",
"just now": "",
"1 minute ago": "",
" minutes ago": "",
"1 hour ago": "",
" hours ago": "",
"Yesterday": "",
" days ago": "",
" weeks ago": "",
"Sunday": "",
"Monday": "",
"Tuesday": "",
"Wednesday": "",
"Thursday": "",
"Friday": "",
"Saturday": "",
"January": "",
"February": "",
"March": "",
"April": "",
"May": "",
"June": "",
"July": "",
"August": "",
"September": "",
"October": "",
"November": "",
"December": ""

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Hello and thank you in advance for fast and reliable support. The following is the Greek translation

"Location": "Τοποθεσία",
"Login to Facebook to Like and Comment": "Συνδεθείτε με τον λογαριασμό σας στο Facebook για να μπορέσετε να σχολιάσετε",
"Events": "Γεγονότα",
"Event Tickets": "Εισιτήρια για την εκδήλωση",
"Photos": "Φωτογραφίες",
"photos in": "φωτογραφίες στην",
"Albums": " Άλμπουμς",
"Likes": "Μου αρέσει",
"Like": "Μου αρέσει",
"Unlike": "Δεν μου αρέσει",
"like this": "όπως αυτό",
"You and": "Εσύ και",
"Comment": "Σχόλια",
"View more comments": "Δείτε περισσότερα σχόλια",
"Write a comment": "Γράψτε ένα σχόλιο",
"of": "από",
"just now": "μόλις τώρα",
"1 minute ago": "πρίν απο ένα λεπτό",
" minutes ago": " λεπτά πρίν",
"1 hour ago": "πρίν απο μία ώρα",
" hours ago": " ώρες πρίν",
"Yesterday": "χθές",
" days ago": " ημέρες πρίν",
" weeks ago": " εβομάδες πρίν",
"Sunday": "Κυριακή",
"Monday": "Δευτέρα",
"Tuesday": "Τρίτη",
"Wednesday": "Τετάρτη",
"Thursday": "Πέμπτη",
"Friday": "Παρασκευή",
"Saturday": "Σάββατο",
"January": "Ιαννουάριος",
"February": "Φεβρουάριος",
"March": "Μάρτιος",
"April": "Απρίλιος",
"May": "Μάϊος",
"June": "Ιούνιος",
"July": "Ιούλιος",
"August": "Αύγουστος",
"September": "Σεπτέμβριος",
"October": "Οκτώβριος",
"November": "Νοέμβριος",
"December": "Δεκέμβριος",
"Post Fail Message": "Λυπούμαστε αλλά δεν είναι δυνατή η αποστολή δεδομένων αυτή τη στιγμή από το Facebook. Θέλετε να ανοίξετε ένα αναδυόμενου παράθυρο του facebook, ώστε να μπορείτε να κάνετε like και να σχολιάσετε?"
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I just did add the above to languages.js added Greek to xml option list and it really worked.

So you can just update the module too :D
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