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  3. Sunday, 26 November 2017
I installed Facebook Likebox Slider v. 5.2 with joomla 3.8.1
I have some customers that say they do not see the content of the facbook likebox slider.
Here is a comment :
"I use windows 7
- firefox, the window remains white even if you wait (slider open) for a while.
- I tested with Internet Explorer. The content is displayed but impossible to click in order to open the facebook page."
Another user :
" under windows 10 :
- Firefox : slider empty
- Chrome : no problem
-Edge : the slider closes quickly. You have to be really fast in order to click on the facebook link (and open a facebook page) before the slider closes."

As far as I am concerned I had no problem with my OSX El Capitan and firefox or chrome, but as I recieved these information, I tried with Safari and it took a while before the slider turned from white window to facebook content page.

I have just seen there is an update not applied : v 5.2.5
Do you think this will help ? I will apply it anyway but is this update correcting these issues/bugs ?
At least my post could certainly help other people to update.

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