1. wallrodt
  2. 24/7 VIP Members Support
  3. Monday, 14 August 2017
I am using Ultimate Social Share on a website that has been in development for a few weeks now. The plugin has always worked until this morning when I made the site live (I also updated to the latest version of the plugin). Now when I use the mail option, I get the dialog box fine, but when I fill it in and hit Submit, I get an error that the "Recipient email address is not valid." My web server log says PHP Notice: unserialized (): Error at offer 0 of 12 bytes in {site}/components/com_ulitimatesocial/helpers/ultimatesocial.php on line 49, and also PHP Notice: Undefined index: captcha in {Site}/components/com_ultimatesocial/helpers/controller.php on line 90.
I have captcha turned off for this plugin on this site. If I turn it on, I get the same error.
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