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  3. Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Post #1830 is locked, and i emailed you back on Monday but never heard back, so maybe [email protected] is not a valid email for you. I can't reply to your questions, only edit my previous responses, which i did and maybe you did not see either.

You asked the question if i followed the procedure to edit the captcha tutorial - and YES, i did. I actually setup captcha the same way on ALL my websites. I checked again the first time, and again now, and it's setup the way you asked.

Also - you still have access to the site and can review my captcha settings if needed. I use captcha on that site in many other cases - Contact Enhanced, RS Form Pro, and Event Booking - all are working fine.

Please let me know if we should continue on with this post, or if you can unlock to other post so everything stays together. Thanks!
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