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  4. Wednesday, 08 February 2017
I have installed JS Social Slider on Joomla 3.6.5 on this website: walkways4u.pl
The plugin is installed AND activated
Social slider is not shown at all.
I cant find where are the options to configure it - it is not described in JA Social Slider Documentation
I don't know why it is not displaying.
Please, help.
Thanks in advance.
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So far I found where to configure it:
You should go to Extensions - Modules and then look for Facebook Slide Likebox and click on it.

There I see some warnings like this:
Warning: SimpleXMLElement::xpath() [simplexmlelement.xpath]: Invalid predicate in /walkways4u_html/libraries/joomla/form/form.php on line 1543

But I see many options for configuration.

I will keep you informed...
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Afer saving anything in these options the sidebar has started to show.
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I am sorry for the late response. This solution might help: https://jsns.eu/knowledge-base/how-to-fix-strict-standards-non-static-method-in-joomla

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